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Temple Run Red CoinsWhile running for your life in Temple Run, you’ll notice that the temple run coins vary in color. Have you ever wondered why there are Temple Run red coins? At first, you might think that it’s just for display. However, each coin color actually represents a value. Do you want to know the value of the Temple Run red coins as well as the other ones? Read on.

These are the values of each coin:

  • Temple Run yellow coins – 1 point
  • Temple Run red coins – double points
  • Temple Run blue coins – triple points

Currently, there are only three classifications of coins. You need to collect them in order to do in-game purchases. If you’re good with the coins available in the game, then collect as many as you can by continuously playing Temple Run. However, if you don’t want to wait for a long time and you find it tedious to collect coins, you can purchase coin packs from the App Store.

While you’re running away from the evil monkeys of Temple Run, you have to prioritize survival over coin collection. Remember that there are a lot of coins ahead. However, if you die (without the resurrection utility), then that would be the end of the round. Whether you see Temple Run red coins or blue coins on the path, don’t be too greedy. Just keep a close eye on your character to be able to reach a great distance and obtain a high score. If you focus on gathering coins, you might not notice the paths without walls and end up falling off the edge.

There is another good tip in Temple Run that’s related to collecting coins. There are instances where coins can be gained by jumping. To be able to collect them all, grab the last coin before making your jump. This technique will surely be useful, particularly for people who want to rely on the collectable coins in the game.

Now that you’ve learned about the Temple Run red coin, yellow coin and blue coin values, it’s time to share this post with your friends who enjoy playing Temple Run. That way, they’ll know the purpose of the colors of the coins. The additional tips will also help them in Temple run survival and coin collection.

Do you have anything to share regarding Temple Run red coins? Please do post any additional information below. Any type of information will be valuable for other Temple Run enthusiasts.

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